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How to get TBR working again on 4.3 – No BootMii or cBoot2 required!

WARNING: As of the September 8 / Metroid Other M update, this method no longer works!

WiiCrazy has done it again! He has managed to find a way to get Trucha Bug Restorer working on System Menu 4.3! This method does not require you to use cBoot2, so there’s no need to have BootMii installed.

There is one downside, though. This method will NOT work on Korean Wiis (ie. Wiis with System Menu 4.3K).

It works by installing an old version of an IOS not included in Nintendo’s 4.3 update (in this case, a Korean IOS, IOS41), which can allow you to use TBR’s downgrade functionality again. It’s a Nintendo-signed IOS, so it will install all fine and dandy through WAD Manager.

A very stupid mistake by Nintendo not to include the Korean IOSs. Have they learnt nothing from IOS16? Probably not.

You will need:

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (for NTSC Wiis) or Lego Indiana Jones (for any Wii), plus the applicable exploit for the game (Smash Stack and Indiana Pwns respectively)
  • A homebrew loader (Homebrew Channel doesn’t work at the time of writing. Loadmii will get the job done for now)
  • Trucha Bug Restorer
  • WAD Manager
  • IOS41-64-v2835.wad (This can be downloaded using NUS Downloader)

Here’s what you do:

  1. Make sure your homebrew loader is on the root of your SD Card under the name “boot.dol”
  2. Load Smash Stack or Indiana Pwns as per the given instructions.
  3. Your homebrew loader should now load (We’ll be using Loadmii for this example). Open WAD Manager.
  4. Install IOS41-64-v2836.wad. It’s a Nintendo signed IOS, so it will install like normal.
  5. Exit WAD Manager.
  6. You should be back in your homebrew loader. Load TBR.
  7. Select IOS41
  8. Downgrade IOS15
  9. You should be back in your homebrew loader. Load TBR again.
  10. Select IOS15
  11. Go to IOS36 Menu
  12. Make sure “patch trucha” is selected and install.
  13. You should now be back in your homebrew loader. Load TBR again.
  14. Select IOS36
  15. Restore IOS15
  16. You should be back in your homebrew loader. Load WAD Manager
  17. Select IOS36
  18. Delete IOS41-36-v2836.wad
  19. Now, fell free to do whatever it is you do with trucha patched IOS!

One response

  1. Michael

    Actually, I believe this method still works even with Metroid Other M. It only apparently installs korean IOS’s for NTSC-J Wii’s not NTSC-U.

    December 8, 2010 at 6:47 pm

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